About Me

Hey everyone, I am Trudie, and I wanted to share a bit about myself…

I am originally from Warwickshire but now live in a small village close to the South Downs National Park. I had my daughter when I was 21; she is now 36, a police officer and my greatest achievement. I am so proud of her.

My partner and I live in a beautiful old cottage overlooking the open countryside. Every morning, we watch the deer and their young feeding and playing with the hares. Yes, we are truly blessed. We live with our two dogs, a Springer Spaniel and a Stabyhoun, who enjoy nothing more than frolicking in muddy puddles or swimming in the sea. Since my daughter flew the nest, they are my babies…is that normal? Well, it is my normal, and I love it.


I enjoy long walks along the beach. I don’t care what the weather is like; come rain or shine, I’m there. I adore the chance to relax and unwind. It is therapy for the soul. In my free time (what’s that I hear you say, haha), I also love upcycling old furniture and growing my own vegetables. This is a new thing for me, but it brings me joy and that for me is everything.


During my career, I have been very fortunate to work my way up through various corporate roles. But, after 20 years, I decided it was time for a change. I didn’t want that lifestyle anymore. I wanted more me time; cliché, I know, but it is true. So, I decided to follow my heart and change direction. Life is too short not to try something new when the time comes…and I knew that time had come for me.  It was the best decision of my life.


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