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I grew up and spent much of my adult life in a small town in Warwickshire. Rolling countryside, a medieval castle and a flowing river all within a few miles walk which I loved from a very early age. I’ve always wanted to spend as much time outside and live in nature. Roll on to adult life… working in Central London in a large corporate company ….. Sitting on a packed train home late one evening I remembered my mission… live in nature..
A few years later, here I am.. now living in a tiny village in Hampshire and whichever direction I look I see the beauty of our English countryside. I still felt there was something missing because as soon as I walked through the door that feeling vanished. So I set out to find ways of bring the outside in…
I wanted to find products for the home that are made from natural materials, which would stand the test of time, both in their design and the quality of the materials. They needed to have a feel of the English countryside, both in colours and patterns.
I found 3 amazing companies. One produces vegan fabrics, the others use pure wool and cotton. They all have beautiful designs of animals and earth colours in blankets, throws and cushions bringing the special feeling of nature and the calming vibes of outside into your home. I take huge pride in my products and also want to deliver a service and product that I would be happy to receive myself.

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investing in quality

I was a single mum and didn’t have a huge amount of money. I wanted to invest in something which would hold memories for my daughter for years to come. I saw a beautiful duvet set with white and pink flowers which was expensive but I fell in love with it so had to buy it for her.
My daughter is now 35 and the duvet is still with us. It’s a bit faded and thread bare as it went with her everywhere and had pride of place on her bed. We look at the faded duvet and remember the special moments in her life… The first time she stayed away from home, the camping trip with school, the first holiday with her friends, the stay in hospital and even her honeymoon. Those memories are wrapped in the duvet and will always be very special for both of us.

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