Why Wool?

Why Wool?


A simple way to a better night’s sleep may be to sleep underwood. There is evidence that sleep quality can be affected by the type of fabric of both bed linens and bed clothing. Now, increasing scientific evidence of wool’s ability to improve sleep quality is emerging.

Wool is a natural insulator helping body temperatures to stay at a comfortable level at night irrespective of summer or wintertime. Wool’s moisture management properties absorb moisture away from the skin, making it extremely breathable, and comfortable to wear in extremes and changes of temperature.


Because wool is a living, breathing ‘smart’ fibre, it improves the air in enclosed spaces, improves sleep, provides comfort and ensures safety

Therapeutic Benefits of Superfine Merino Dermatological trials have shown that eczema sufferers who wear superfine Merino wool garments – of 17.5 micron or less – next to the skin have significantly reduced symptoms.

Superfine Merino wool clothing can reduce the severity of paediatric atopic dermatitis compared with cotton

When used as furniture, carpets, clothing, or insulation, wool can be a sustainable and natural solution to the problem of accumulating indoor contaminants such as cleaners and disinfectents.


Dust mites thrive in hot humid conditions, but wool’s breathability reduces humidity and keeps temperatures from rising, making wool bedding ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers.

Sleeping in wool is safer due to wool’s fire-retardant properties. Wool’s natural flame resistance properties make it an ideal fibre for all interiors such as carpets, curtains and upholstery as this will reduce the risk of fire spreading within a house.

Wool textiles also protect firemen, the military and anyone else exposed to fire or explosives. Wool’s attribute of only smouldering and not melting or dripping into the skin can be a lifesaver. Wool does not melt, drip or stick to the skin causing burns, and when subject to extreme heat it produces less smoke and less noxious fumes.

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