'Whale of a Time’ Vegan Suede Cushion


 ‘Whale of a Time’ by Bells Scambler is digitally printed onto super soft vegan faux suede – the sort of velvety material that makes you go ‘ooooh’ when you feel it. A cushion is a great gift…for a friend or just for ourselves. You deserve a treat too!

Each of our cushions is made from Vegan Suede material that makes you want to curl up with a book and hide away from the world. You know exactly what I mean. And at 45x45cm (18 x 18 in), they are just the right size to snuggle up to. Pure heaven.

They each have a concealed zip and plain backing. What a great present for someone you love! A long-lasting, quality gift they will have for a lifetime. You couldn’t choose something more special.

‘Luxuriously Stylish and Honestly Natural’

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